Jyväskylä, Finland
Release date:
April 7, 2020 (Nintendo Switch™)
June 11, 2019 (Android)
October 10, 2018 (iOS)
Available on:
Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop)
iOS (App Store)
Android (Google Play)
Nintendo eShop Link:
Grimvalor on Nintendo eShop
$12.99 USD
iOS App Store Link:
Grimvalor on App Store
$6.99 USD
Google Play Link:
Grimvalor on Google Play
Free download, $6.99 USD in-app-purchase to unlock full game


Grimvalor is an action platformer with fast-paced combat in a dark fantasy world. The game draws inspiration from many hack-n-slash franchises and character action games, and provides both a challenging and rewarding play experience.


  • Designed for mobile and consoles: Controls optimized for both touch screens and gamepads.
  • Story-driven premium game: Experience full game with one-time purchase and no additional costs.
  • Skill-based: Fast-paced combat with dodges and special attacks, requiring learning enemy attack patterns.
  • Character progression: Find and upgrade equipment and level up your character.

Press releases

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03/30/2020 Award-winning hack-'em-up adventure Grimvalor coming to Nintendo Switch

06/11/2019 Grimvalor, a dark fantasy RPG action platformer, officially releases on Android

05/02/2019 Grimvalor beta launches on Android - The anticipated hack-'em-up adventure is here!

10/10/2018 Grimvalor out now - hordes of darkness swarm the iOS App Store today

09/26/2018 Grimvalor, a unique take on Souls-like games coming to iOS App Store on October 10, 2018





Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Launch Trailer (Android)

Launch Trailer (iOS)

Gameplay Trailer (iOS)

About Direlight

Direlight was founded in 2013 when the members of Touch Foo, whose previous title was critically acclaimed mobile adventure Swordigo, teamed up with other skilled specialists in art and programming. The game studio comprises of people who are all gamers at heart, often playing both AAA games and trying out innovative indie projects.

We are striving to make games that are accessible to everyone but still offer enough challenge for even the most experienced players, reflecting the hardcore gamers in us.

Grimvalor is Direlight's debut title.


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Ville Mäkynen
Mika Kolehmainen
Jaakko Korpi
Art & Animation
Tuomas Mäkynen
Levels, Sound Design & GFX